English 11-Lord of the Flies

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


First off, my story may not seem scary or even anything like it, but it was to me. When I was in elementary school, second grade at the youngest, fifth the oldest, I learned I had to sleep downstairs. I will backtrack a little bit…I was in second grade when we moved to my last house in Amery, it was a house in the country about 5 miles from Star Prairie, and it was a big change. The basement of the house was built by my dad and some of his friends/family, and we picked the top half of the house out in St. Croix Falls. Well, anyways, I slept upstairs in a room my older sister and I shared. The basement was halfway finished, and my dad built a room for my sister. I wanted a room downstairs, but I couldn’t have one. Until, my mom was pregnant with my little sister. When it was closer to birth, my dad was working on a room for me so my future sister could have my room. I was excited when it came to the weekend of my “moving in.” Just because she was mad that she wouldn’t be the only one with a room in the basement, my sister decided to taunt me and make up stories that I believed at the time. She told me that cats would be outside my window scratching to get in and trying to break through the window while I was sleeping. This, of course, scared me badly. I was afraid to move in to my new room. I told my parents why I was so afraid and cautious and they warned me that my sister was just “kidding around.” After a confrontation with my sister, it was decided I was still going to switch rooms that day. But, my sister decided to stick with her story. She told me they would have yellow eyes and would be meowing and hissing to try and get into my window and into my room. This made sense in a way to me, because out in the country, there were stray cats and cats that were inbred that have no homes. It was scary, because I was pretty young and I had no clue that there were no cats that were trying to get me. Thinking back, it is pretty silly that I was so freaked out from something so surreal. I think that this relates to Lord of the Flies, because I felt alone and pretty much hopeless as some of the characters have felt at times. I also felt like there was nothing I could do or say to make matters better.